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Training Programs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mentorship and Training division execute various means of learning that has active role in the training and development of entrepreneurs in order to raise the level of knowledge towards creating more creative and distinctive ideas. Most important programs offered are:

​ ​
1. ​Entrepreneurship Programs: Programs are designed to suit the Entrepreneur knowledge of Management, an example of these programs: the basic pillars in the establishment of enterprises that include: preparation of Business plan, preparation of feasibility study, determination of a vision and strategic planning and selecting the right financial system of the enterprise.

2.Specialized programs: Programs content are designed depending on Riyada directives that fit the Entrepreneur technical knowledge and may be executed within or outside the Sultanate. Programs executed outside the Sultanate aims to explore experiences of other countries and exchange of experiences and knowledge between the Omani entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of visited countries and encouraged partnerships.

3. Awareness Sessions: Coordination takes place with public and private sectors to execute a number of awareness sessions aimed at raising the level of knowledge among the entrepreneurs in specific fields and identify future investment opportunities or knowledge of the laws or actions that may affect the enterprise..

Training Listing

How to prepare a feasibility study
Feb 2018