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Green Economy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"​The preservation of the environment is a collective responsibility not bounded by political boundaries of states, proven more than once, hence the human wherever it is, to contribute to the preservation of the environment, and to come to terms with it, and deal with it rationally, take notice of the many pollution causes, both natural Biologically, industrial, Chemical, Physicist, and on the many peoples, that limit the indiscriminate reproduction and preserve what is left of her pastures and water, away from the effects of desertification and drought. " ​​

Qaboos bin Said

  • Green Eco​n​o​m​y​​ Office ​​​
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        Our Mission

        National capacity-building in the field of transformation towards sustainable development and the inclusion of the concept of the green economy within the development sectors and the development of regulatory and operational environment and to ​contribute to the creation of conscious generation based on knowledge and innovation

        Our Vision

        Contribute to the success of small and medium enterprises through the creation of specialized functions in the field of green economy and the renewal of natural capital, protect and achieve sustainability.

        Our Goal

        Providing information and technical advice for medium and small enterprises that want to develop their products and / or the means of production used to have to conform with the principles and objectives of sustainable development and enable them to engage in the green economy.​

    • O​ur Se​rv​​i​ces​
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          Collection and dissemination of information:​​

          • Green business opportunities.
          • Policies and laws related to the green economy​
          • Green funding opportunities
          • National and international support programs available

          Training & Capacity Building :​​​

          • Organizing courses for the training of trainers.
          • Organizing national workshops on topics relevant to the ​green economy.

          Networking & Awareness ​​​​

          • Play the role of a reference to a network of experts national authorities in the development and ‎specialized in the development of green production sectors of the national production sectors, ‎and that the institutions of the small and medium-sized take advantage of its services.‎
      • National Recyclin​g​​ Proj​ects
          • Overview
          ​ View green economy national projects​​

          GE projects ​

      • Benefits of Green A​pplications
          • Overview

          Development of existing power plants to gas stations green by investing in the waste and excess thermal energy through carbon emitted each investment, thus contributing to the achievement of economic and energy security by investing in energy wasted.​

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      • Green Econo​m​y​ Partn​ers​hip​
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            Oman Green Help Desks (GHDs) in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCW) towards Developing Green Production Sectors in the Arab Region More

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              Phone+968 22089009​
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