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Land Usufructure

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The government has launched a significant initiative for providing entrepreneurs with land to help them bring their businesses ideas to fruition and start up their new ventures. The current land allocation scheme and the relevant eligibility criteria are jointly regulated by the Supreme Council for Planning and the Ministry of Housing in accordance with the Royal Directives of the Saih Al Shamikhat Symposium. 

  • ​Resolution Statment​
      • The plain text of the resolutions which emerged from the Sih Ahamkhat seminar and symposium ‎monitors the implementation of its decisions with regard to land as follows:‎​

        The allocation of suitable land cut in the various governorates of the Sultanate to build business ‎incubators and small and medium enterprises centers , is invested by the government or the private ‎sector , to be administered by institutions specializing in management of facilities .‎

        - Customize the cut agricultural , industrial and commercial land use contracts for investment by small and medium enterprises under the requirements specified by the Higher Council for Planning and the Ministry of Housing.

        - Allocating a percentage of the planned land for commercial and industrial, agricultural and tourist use Easement to the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in all governorates of the Sultanate plans by the Housing Ministry and other relevant authorities in coordination with the General Authority for the development of small and medium enterprises.

        Determine the proportion of land allocated for investment in small and medium enterprises and ‎government property.‎​

        And in order to enable small and medium-sized enterprises and to encourage entrepreneurs to engage in the practice of self-employment and the expansion and diversification in small enterprises activities and medium by finding places through which to practice their activities and the beginning of the establishment of these projects and to overcome difficulties related to the availability of location for the establishment of projects.

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    • Eligib​​ility Criteria​ ​
        • Easement land is granted to small and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the ‎following conditions: ‎​

          • The enterprise is wholly owned by an Omani citizen.(Or Omani nationals only)
          • The headquarters of the enterprise shall be in the Sultanate of Oman.
          • The owner of the enterprise shall be a full-time directorate. (In the case of partners that all partners are required)‎
          • The enterprise should be registered with The Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development- Riyada.‎
          • The owner of the enterprise must be registered with the Public Authority for Manpower Registeration as a “Business Owner”.(In the case of partners all of them should be registered as “Business Owners”)

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        • Apply fo​r Land​​
            • Receiving dates of land requests will be announced individually for the industrial, commercial and ‎agricultural lands through local newspapers, Riyada portal, and through Riyada social media ‎channels. Acceptance of applications will be done per governance in a specified period announced ‎by Riyada.‎

              Land requests will only be accepted electronically using an eForm, no requests will be accepted via fax, email or phone.

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