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Media & Marketing

​Riyada offers a variety of marketing and branding support services to SMEs in order to enhance their prospects for growth and success.

The services offered include the design of logos, corporate identities, trademarks, wrapping and packaging, digital marketing support, and more.

​​​​​​Media is fundamental to any institution, staff or system; it is an essential factor for the delivery of the objectives of the institution and its messages and directions to the various segments of the society it serves. As the enterprise voice that hears the public, it is also a unit of measurement of the activity of the institution or the extent of its success in achieving its objectives and orientations  The stage establishing and building the body in all its departments and sectors; the leadership since the early stages of its establishment is considered to be from within the Department of Public Relations and Media. The task is to provide media support for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized institutes, and given the importance of this support in the success of the work and activities of these institutions; leadership felt that the Chamber Media continue to provide support in a simple and smooth way for all entrepreneurs, in application of the following objectives: ​

  • Institutional develo​pment and promotion.
  • Marketing and promotion of their products and services and their work in professional media and distinctive.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of their relations with the local media.
  • Create opportunities for cooperation between media organizations and the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises to take advantage of their services and their products.

To achieve these goals, the ​media support in the leadership represented in the following services:

  • ​Provide media consulting.
  • Assistance in developing marketing plans.
  • Financial and technical support in the production and broadcast of radio, television and newspaper ads and promotions, in accordance with the conditions and standards announced through the website and social networks, led by themselves own
  • Coordination between the local media and among entrepreneurs to be displayed through the media (television and radio programs, and local newspapers).
  • Coordination with the General Authority for Radio and Television to provide in-kind gifts of small and medium enterprises (according to plan and the policy of each program) to be announced for the institution provided for gifts name directly through software.
  • Post News & Announcements from owners of small and medium-sized enterprises on a regular basis and in each version of the newspaper.  entrepreneurs backed by the leadership.
  • Publishing announcements own business through the channel of the pioneers of YouTube and social networks led by private.
  • Publish all that concerns the owners of small and medium enterprises through websites (Gulf glare, Ubuntu Majan, etc.), electronic newspapers (the country, the event, glare Gulf, etc.) and social networks (events Oman, country, etc.)
  • Post registered with the Commission on government and private agencies the database according to the required categories (services, products)
  • Cooperation in the organization and implementation of Altroyjahalmekdmh leadership of small and medium enterprises campaigns
  • Take advantage of the Identity Center and marketing services and of (the identity of each institution and logo design)