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Entrepreneur Card

Resolution Statement​:​​​​​

The Entrepreneurs Card issued by Riyada shall be considered an official document that entitles its holder to access various privileges and facilities. It shall be given priority with respect to the award​ of government procurement contracts and tenders.​ Decision, Sih Al Shamikhat Follow Up Symposium 2015 ​ ​



Objectives of the Entrepreneurs Card​​

The Entrepreneurs Card is one of the key instruments to fulfill Riyada’s main goals which include:

  • Supporting entrepreneurs to successfully launch and develop their businesses
  • Helping SMEs overcome the challenges they face while doing business and proposing solutions to address them
  • Fostering an enabling business environment for SMEs in order to enhance their contribution to the economic development of the Sultanate of Oman

Features of the Entrepreneurs Card

The Entrepreneurs Card is one of Riyada’s key initiatives to facilitate the procedures for doing business for SMEs which involve different government and private sector entities while also providing SMEs with access to various privileges and support from those entities, including:

  • Riyada
  • Government entities
  • Private sector agencies
  • Access to benefits according to the different agreements in place between Riyada and other institutions

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a Omani national
  • The SME must be headquartered in the Sultanate of Oman
    • The SME must be registered with Riyada.
  • The SME must be fully owned by self-employed Omani nationals or a self-employed Omani who owns more than 50% of the enterprise provided that the remaining shares are held by Omani individuals, not companies, who are also registered with the Public Authority for Social Insurance (retirees excluded)
  • The SME should not be a branch or an affiliate of a larger company
  • The entrepreneur must be registered as an employer with the Public Authority for Manpower Register

Terms & Conditions

  • The Entrepreneurs Card features your personal information, details of your enterprise, membership number and expiry date.
  • Your Entrepreneurs Card is for your personal use as well as your registered enterprise (only) and is not transferable. Participating institutions reserve the right to request other documents to verify the identity of the Entrepreneurs Card holder.
    • The Entrepreneurs Card can only be obtained by applying online through Riyada's website.​​
  • In case the enterprise has more than one owner, a maximum of two Entrepreneurs Cards will be issued subject to the fulfillment of the required conditions.
  • Information on the various benefits and privileges offered by the Entrepreneurs Card and the list of participating institutions will be published and updated on Riyada’s website. Riyada and participating institutions reserve the right to amend or terminate those benefits at any point in time without prior notice.
  • The Entrepreneurs Card does not have monetary value and is neither a debit nor credit card and cannot be used as such.​​​​
​​ ​

Easy way to receive your Entrepreneurs card:

To facilitate the receipt of the entrepreneurs’ card, Riyada signed a contract with the Omani startup company Mandoob, on 14 of March 2018, for delivering entrepreneurs card to the entrepreneurs. Mandoob specializes in providing logistics solutions, which are related to delivery. It provides a delivery captain upon request from the door to the door. It also serves individuals and entrepreneurs at various levels and it provides for the traders options to facilitate the payment for their customers like payment when receiving. ​​Payment Fees :​

  • Issuing Entrepreneurs card & Renewal (5 OMR).​​​​
  • Updating information (10 OMR).​​​​
  • Delivery inside Muscat (2 OMR).​​​​
  • Delivery outside Muscat (3 OMR).​​​​
  • ​ ​