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Entrepreneur Card


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  • Term & Conditions
        • ​The Entrepreneurs Card features your personal information, details of your enterprise, membership number and expiry date.
        • Your Entrepreneurs Card is for your personal use as well as your registered enterprise (only) and is not transferable. Participating institutions reserve the right to request other documents to verify the identity of the Entrepreneurs Card holder.
        • The Entrepreneurs Card can only be obtained by applying online through Riyada's website.​​
        • In case the enterprise has more than one owner, a maximum of two Entrepreneurs Cards will be issued subject to the fulfillment of the required conditions.
        • ​Information on the various benefits and privileges offered by the Entrepreneurs Card and the list of participating institutions will be published and updated on Riyada’s website. Riyada and participating institutions reserve the right to amend or terminate those benefits at any point in time without prior notice.
        • ​The Entrepreneurs Card does not have monetary value and is neither a debit nor credit card and cannot be used as such.​​​​​​
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