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Consultancy &​Feasibility Studies​​​
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Consultancy &​Feasibility Studies​​​ Free of charge​
​Service Description​​
Riyada provides guidance to entrepreneurs across the board whether they have already started their enterprise or have just conceptualized a business idea. This involves guiding entrepreneurs with the preparation of a feasibility study including gathering the necessary information and analyzing it in order to evaluate the economics of the project and its likelihood of success. Moreover, Riyada’s consultancy services include providing advice related to commercial, management, marketing and technical matters as well as assistance with developing strategic plans for SMEs.​
Terms & Conditions Mechanism​​
​ ​​
  • Access consultation and feasibility study program by using your personal user name. ​
  • Fill the needed information, and we will contact with you with a SMS text message to identify consultation provision date. ​
  • Fill all needed information at feasibility study form, we will contact with you after evaluating and revising it, in order to provide you with feedback regard it​. ​
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