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 site to describe about PASMED day to day operations

Recent Activity
  • 🛑 لمة رمضانية جميلة لعائلة ريادة 🛑 الله يجمعنا على الخير والمحبة دائما وأبدا. #ريادة_عمان

  • دعما للمؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة تعلن ريادة عن طرح المناقصة الخاصة بتخطيط وتقسيم الأراضي الصناعية...

  • التسجيل في الأسواق الليلية الرمضانية مستمر حتى 20 مايو 2019م بادر بالتسجيل واحجز منفذ تسويقي...

​Engage with Riyada
In Riyada’s commitment to joint activities for the purpose of reaching a common goal, e.Participation is considered a key element in its communication strategy with the aim to achieve a number of objectives: ​

  • ​​Ensure Transparency and report on performance
  • Improve Communication between Riyada and its Stakeholders, SMEs and the Public
  • Improve Service Delivery at​ Riyada
  • Involve the Public in Decision Making pertaining to Oman SMEs​

Various communication channels including social media channels have been set up to receive constructive feedback and suggestions contributing to continual improvement and value-added performance. 
We hereby invite you to join us at: ​​

  • ​​​​​​​Riyada Call Center

      Riyada announces launch of its Contact Center in collaboration with Muscat Contact Center For inquiries related to Riyada, contact us on 1111 ​​​​​

      ​ ​