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 site to describe about PASMED day to day operations

Recent Activity
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  • لتقييم واقع تطبيق قرار تخصيص ما لا يقل عن 10% من قيمة اجمالي المشتريات والمناقصات الحكومية المختلفة...

  • الرئيس التنفيذي بـ «ريادة» في حوار مع عمان: إعداد خارطة استثمارية لرواد الأعمال تحدد الفرص الواعدة...

About Us
Riyada Public Authority of Small and Medium Enterprise Development was established under the Royal Decree No. 36/2013​.  The authority enjoys financial and administrative independence. Its headquarters is based in Muscat Governorate and it may establish branches via a decision from the Board of Directors.​​​​​

Our Vision

Small and medium-sized enterprises to become a key pillar in ensuring creation of jobs and accomplish added value

Our Mission

To develop and cultivate small and medium-sized enterprises

Our Goal

To instill a culture of entrepreneurship ​

​ ​

Our Objective

​​​To enable and enhance the role of small and medium-sized enterprises

​​ ​​
​​ ​