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Sih Alshamkhat Decisions 2013


Implementation of the directives of the High Commissioner for Maulana His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may God protect him and Raah- contract Saih Ahamkhat in Bahla interior province seminar "Development of Small and Medium Enterprises" during the period from 9-11 March in 1434 AH corresponding to January 23, 2013 m in order to enhance the role important for this with the ability to provide multiple renewable for young people and encourage them jobs institutions Ally establishment and implementation of their own legislators that achieve their aspirations and enable them to contribute to the development efforts taking place in the Sultanate, and emphasis on the importance of these institutions, in an effort to capitalize on the ability to contribute to the economic growth and diversification, and to support innovation and the use of technology and to provide opportunities for Omani youth capable of initiative to set up a business and leadership in the management and development.

The decisions of the symposium:

First: the culture of entrepreneurship: - ​ 

1. The adoption and implementation of a training program for public sector employees with the relationship and direct dealing with the private sector to promote the thought of entrepreneurship have and to improve their dealings and to facilitate the development of procedures for SMEs to achieve the provision of better services to enable these institutions to play a developmental role, to be performed this procedures During the second half of this year. 

2. allow for government employees who want to create and manage their own businesses while continuing her full-time salary in exchange for a year in accordance with specific controls to be adopted during this year. 

3. The allocation of an annual prize aimed at a high level for small and medium-sized enterprises and entities and individuals supporting its implementation and as of 2014 

Second, support and opportunities: 

1. The establishment of an independent institution conviction administratively and financially concerned with the development of institutions and the development of small and medium enterprises and providing them with adequate financial and human resources so included under its umbrella technical support government programs related to these institutions and that its terms of reference the following: Provide financial, technical and management consulting to the goal of developing the capacities of these institutions and enable them to provide high quality products. Building electronic information system with touch capable of providing support to An_ittha information and areas of work center. The preparation of a special register of institutions which devote himself to the owners, management and conduct of its work. Review Laws and regulations relating to policies and procedures to ensure the development of these institutions. Support existing institutions in order to ensure their development and their development. 

2. allocation cut suitable land in the various governorates of the Sultanate to build business incubators and small and medium enterprises centers, is invested by the government or the private sector to be administered by specialized institutions in so perfidious facilities. 

3. The allocation of agricultural land and cut Snaaahy contracts and commercial utilization of invested by small and medium enterprises under the requirements specified by the Higher Council for Planning and the Ministry of Housing. 

4. allocation of at least 10% of the value of total purchases and various government tenders for small and medium enterprises that the Tender Board to the implementation of procedures and controls to achieve this during the first half of this year. 

5. requiring large companies implementing projects to allocate at least 10 % of the tender small and medium enterprises with value Gatta priority to those registered site work in the province where the project is implemented . 

6. practical action before the end of 2015 to enable entrepreneurs to establish their own clubs contribute to refine their experiences and promote the exchange of experiences among themselves 

Third, legislation and Laws and procedures : - 

1. The development and improvement of Ajrouat one-stop Ministry of Commerce and Industry in order to serve small and medium-sized enterprises so that the completion of the offer all services electronically by the end of this year 

2. .Review Laws Organization for competitive and prevent monopoly and the declaration of bankruptcy in order to achieve protection for small and medium enterprises that based on this review, the proposed amendments are introduced during 2014 . 

3. The calculation of full-time owner of the enterprise to be managed within the Omanisation ratios , as well as members of his family (wife and Alabinavi working age ) to work in part-time and registered social insurance . 

4. The application of a system whereby the private institutions of all grades to transfer salaries of its employees to own Hsapthm in commercial banks in coordination between the Ministry of Manpower and the Central Bank of Oman that the application starts with the beginning of 2014 . 

Fourth: finance and investment : - 

1. Review Guanyin policies and procedures and funding commensurate with the policies aimed at small and medium enterprises development so as to raise the results of this review to the competent authorities before the end of this year . 

2. increase the credit facilities to small and medium enterprises through commercial banks across a range of measures , including the allocation ratio in the range of 5 % of commercial loans to small and medium enterprises and the development of procedures to facilitate the granting of the loan Pmaatanasb with the size of these institutions 

3. The restructuring of the rules of procedure of the Oman Development Bank to facilitating the access of small and medium enterprises on loans and guarantees to the allocation of mortgages to be completed this restructuring this year. 

4. Develop for the development of the capital sector direct shareholder in the joint small and medium-sized enterprises operational plan during the year and so that the executive work plan starts during 2014 . 

5. Activity expand credit information office of the Central Bank of Oman to include monitoring the credit standing of the institutions and individuals, thus contributing to the provision of information to help to assess the risks of granting the loan for small and medium enterprises to be done during this year . 

6. Develop a mechanism to accelerate the payment of payments for small and medium enterprises related projects with various government agencies to ensure that this mechanism is activated during ALWIL half of this year . 

Decisions that need further study: 1. economic broadcast media pack jurisdiction for the purpose of self-employment culture through television channels or through the launch of economic and interactive television channel variety. 2. Include entrepreneurship in the curriculum and educational programs in the school education and the use of modern methods of inculcating a culture of entrepreneurship in the ranks of emerging. 3. Providing Course Fair entrepreneurship for coating in various higher education institutions and supporting the implementation of student activities in cooperation with the private sector in the field of entrepreneurship. 4. the establishment of an innovation center under the umbrella of the Scientific Research Council to be among his attention turning ideas and innovations into products and businesses.​