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Decisions follow up symposium 2015

​​​Symposium assess the implementation of Sih Alshamkhat decisions :

Implementation of the directives of the High Commissioner for Maulana His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may God protect him - held by the grace of God symposium assess the implementation of small and medium enterprises development seminar decisions (Sih seminar Ahamkhat) in the cultural center at Sultan Qaboos University during the period from 5 to 7 April 1436 e , corresponding to 26 to January 28, 2015 m, in order to stand on what has been implemented from the previous symposium decisions during the last two years and propose appropriate measures to support it, and to agree on a new package of supporting small and medium enterprises procedures in cooperation between government agencies and the private sector, to ensure the promotion of opportunities favorable for entrepreneurs in the next phase. 

The seminar continued seminar approach Sih Alshamkhat the involvement of all concerned sector of small and medium-sized enterprises to contribute their views to assess the previous period, and their ideas and suggestions on the next phase, and through the organization of preparatory sessions prior to the seminar, with the participation of entrepreneurs and students of schools, colleges and universities, young people and specialists from government agencies and representatives major companies in a number of governorates of the Sultanate, as well as posts across social media, and opinion polls, studies and working papers prepared studies team, has had a positive impact of these posts on the seminar discussions and the final results. 

The symposium included plenary sessions discussed four themes , namely: a culture of entrepreneurship , and support and opportunities , legislation , laws and procedures , and finance and investment, crowned by workshops discussion and sectoral , included : tourism , logistics , oil and gas , information technology , telecommunications , agriculture and fisheries , industry , mining , in the presence of Honourable Ministers concerned, entrepreneurs , and representatives of government agencies and representatives of major companies , and academics. 

The seminar was received with wide participation exceeded two thousand participants and participation , and came up with proposals that will contribute to the small and medium enterprises development . 

And the praise of God Almighty past two years have witnessed a quantum leap in entrepreneurship and the expansion of the entrepreneurial environment and the attention and interaction remarkable by the public and private sectors as a result of the application of the overall decisions and guestrooms fourteen ( 14) a decision in addition to the nine (9) complementary actions in except two They have not been applied to date and follow-up to Gary . 

It has been the honor to lift the results of the seminar to the High place of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - kept him God - and of the following actions : 

First, tenders and government purchases :​​​

1. Identify the list of purchases and tenders every government entity and all wholly owned government company be assigned exclusively to small and medium-sized enterprises operational in the second half of this year, 2015 , that The Tender Board to determine this list and updated periodically in coordination with the General Authority for the development of small and medium enterprises and stakeholders . 

2. Oblige executing government projects companies include detailed lists of works assigned to small and medium enterprises with the values ​​were determined , and it was held in the implementation of government projects starting in 2016 . 

3. allocation department in every government agency to follow up the implementation of the decision to allocate 10% of government procurement and tenders for small and medium enterprises and speed up the follow-up payments owed ​​to it before the end of the first half of this year 2015 . 

Second, the payment of small and medium enterprises : 

1. oblige government agencies regardless dues small and medium enterprises within a period not exceeding (28 ) days after the completion of the necessary documents through the introduction of a private exchange procedures . 

2. open a joint office in the General Authority for the development of small and medium enterprises of the representatives of the concerned authorities to follow up on late payments in exchange payment for small and medium enterprises 

​Third,​ the adoption of concessional terms to implement Omanisation SMEs owned and devote himself to manage Omani ratios , according to guidelines set by the Ministry of Manpower in coordination with the General Authority for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises take into account the following: 

1. exception of Omanisation rates in the first two years for new small businesses . 
2. gradient in the implementation of the Omanisation procedures in four years for the small existing institutions . 
3. The inclusion of temporary jobs within Omanisation ratios of small and medium enterprises that do not contradict with the labor law . 

​Fourth,​ to allow the staff of government agencies to obtain sabbatical for a period not exceeding 4 years without pay for the management of their institutions under the controls prepared by the Ministry of Civil Service in coordination with the General Authority for the development of small and medium enterprises and fund Alrphi and to be approved by the Council of Ministers during the year 2015. 

​Fifth:​ a law meant for small and medium-sized enterprises during the year 2016.  

Sixth:​ the allocation of a percentage of the planned land for commercial and industrial, agricultural and tourist use Easement to the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in all governorates of the Sultanate plans by the Housing Ministry and other relevant authorities in coordination with the General Authority for the development of small and medium enterprises. 

The Maulana His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said -oazza the blessing of Allah these procedures. 

The seminar also proposed a number of additional measures in order to create a stimulating environment for small and medium enterprises are being studied in preparation for the adoption and updated in coordination with various government agencies on legislation and facilitate the procedures , finance and investment , through committees and task forces and specialized , including: 

1.Holds the government agencies issuing periodic reports illustrate projects and tenders that have been awarded to small and medium enterprises and percentage of the total assigned projects . 

2. give priority to small and medium enterprises in the bidding service facilities within government agencies facilities 

3. Encouraging companies owned by the government by at least 40% of its capital on the allocation of part of the value of total purchases and tenders for small and medium enterprises . 

4. Determine the proportion of land allocated for investment and small and medium enterprises and government property. 

5. facilitate commercial arbitration and small and medium enterprises in order to ensure a decision on their cases quickly procedures. 

6. determine the list of economic activities get under which advanced approval to engage in activity within a specified period from the date the application is complete, and implementation of all field visits after the start practicing the activity, to take charge of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, this menu is selected under the controls to be agreed upon with the relevant authorities and is updated Periodically. 

7. considered entrepreneurs issued by the General Authority card for the development of small and medium enterprises can be a document holder to get various facilities and give priority in assigning tenders and procurement.