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 site to describe about PASMED day to day operations

Recent Activity
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CEO’s Message
Entrepreneurship is not new to Oman. It has been a profession adapted and practiced by the Omanis since ancient times; vibrantly sailing across the globe, strongly building international business relations with many countries of the world. 
Small and medium enterprises play an immense role today in boosting the economy and economic diversification. They effectively contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, and job creation, and they help produce a supportive and nurturing environment for creativity and innovation.


To strengthen this important role, this sector received great care and support by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, through the establishment and provision of various programs supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employment segments involved in this sector. This course had supported the development of small and medium enterprises in January 2013. Henceforth, the symposium was concluded with a range of supportive business environment decisions for entrepreneurs, including the establishment of Riyada, in accordance with the Royal Decree No. (36/2013 m) issued on May 30th, 2013.  Riyada was entrusted with a mission to provide technical support and consultancy services and to develop the small and medium-sized enterprises to advance its competitiveness as added value contributing to the national economy. 

Riyada, based on its tasks and functions, implements various constructive programs and events aimed to support and develop small and medium enterprises through support, consultancy, and technical training courses, workshops, field visits and a mentorship program, in addition to organizing events aimed at promoting and marketing SME products and services (such as 'Omani creations', 'Habta', 'Omani Azumh' and external exhibitions).​
Khalifa bin​ Said Al Abri
Chief Executive Officer of Riyada